What makes us different from other dog trainers? 

We are aggression case specialists.

We provide balanced training approaches for each dog.

We have 20 years of professional dog training experience and extensive background in competitive obedience, protection sports, police dog training, service dogs, and shelter/rescue management.

We have successfully competed in and placed in a variety of dog sports including Schutzhund/IPO/IGP, Mondioring, & AKC Obedience.


What we offer

Obedience Camps

Your dog will stay with us for 10, 20, or 30 days, and receive multiple training sessions a day. We get all the heavy lifting done and then transfer the training to you!

Head Start Training

A trainer will come to your house for 5 consecutive days and train your dog for 1 hour a day. On the last day, you will get a one-on-one private with your dog and learn everything your dog learned.


Obedience Camps

What we do
Includes walking nicely on a leash, recall, & place bed. We start sits and downs and address bad behaviors. (Jumping, Barking, etc)

Dogs stay with a trainer in a house for 10-20-30 days. Includes 2 private lessons, grooming, and all training materials.

10 Days


20 Days


30 Days


Aggression Cases

+500.00 to base price

Head Start Training

What we do

Includes walking nicely on a leash, recall, place bed and all training materials. We start sits & downs and address bad behaviors. (Jumping, Barking, etc).


Head Start I

Cost: $1000.00 - We go to the client's house for 5 consecutive days (Mon-Fri) for 1-hour blocks, to train your dog. The trainer will take the dog for a walk or to a nearby park. On Thursday we start to introduce the people to training and bring the dog into the house.  Friday is a private lesson and we transfer everything.

Head Start II

Cost: $700.00 - HSII is is a continuation of training. Added distractions, distances, times and working more on sits and downs. (Prior HS I is a prerequisite for HS II enrollment).

Head Start III

Cost: $700 - HS III is a continuation of HS II training. The primary goal of this training is working more towards an off leash dog. (Prior HS II is a prerequisite for HS III enrollment).

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